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Corporate Property and FM Strategies
‘Realising Potential and maximising efficiency of your Property Portfolio’

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overview of our services

Sway Property and FM Consultants offer an end to end, high level Strategic Review of your property portfolio and Facilities Management functions with a view to maximising financial and operational effectiveness and minimising risk to life safety.

This skilled resource is available to offer a review methodology which will identify choke points, areas of concern and inefficiencies, which can be tailored to your specific requirements.

A service is offered whereby a limited, high level review of the property and FM functions to identify benefits, opportunities and process improvement can be undertaken.
In this way, for limited initial outlay the potential for improvements and quantifiable business benefits will be presented in an initial report for consideration by the client.

Full review with detailed proposals, benefit and risk analysis can be subsequently commissioned if required. A 3rd stage will review and refine the whole process.

We will recommend innovative and appropriate leading edge management practices accounting for future business strategy and objectives, with the ability for the client, after the first stage, to determine the resultant benefits and constituent parts of the review which they may wish to progress. This avoids the need for long term and expensive commitment for what may be limited benefits. Our aim is to advise quickly of the benefits you may be able to realise.

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