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Corporate Property and FM Strategies
‘Realising Potential and maximising efficiency of your Property Portfolio’

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scope of our services

Typically, the Strategic Review may include the following specific functions, and can be tailored to suit individual client requirements or be provided as separate strands:

Estate Strategy and Management
Balancing in-house and outsourced Professional management – striking the right balance.
Right buildings in the right place, making the portfolio sweat.
Rigorous challenge and commercial approach to rent, rates and service charges.
Identifying and disposing of surplus space, due diligence for portfolio acquisitions.

Maintenance and FM Strategy
Comparative benchmarking – see how you compare and where you can improve.
Best practice help desk, reactive repair processes and call handling.
End to end tracking and customer access/visibility.
Critical event tracking and performance management – knowledge in crises.

Structure and Management Practices
Optimum balance between in-house and outsourced activities.
Resource in the key areas, focus on avoiding wasteful practice.

Statutory Compliance and Health and Safety Practices
Hazard Risk Assessment techniques and scoring – removing the risk from the managers.
Statutory compliance for life safety.
Site and operator management guidance and practices – essential support for the front line operator.

Business Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting
Understanding, accuracy and certainty on budgets – avoiding surprises.
Forecasting and projections for FM costs – using cost models for future projections.
Applying standards and maintenance cycles – best practice construction and techniques.
Planning and smoothing costs based on risk analysis – targeted spend on the vital areas.
Cost and effect in use for material and standards selection.

Customer Satisfaction and Balanced Scorecard Measurement
Understanding key satisfaction measures and indicators, and turning this information into usable knowledge that can bring business benefit.
Customer satisfaction and perception measures – establishing what is important, how to measure and improve it.

Management Information and Knowledge Management
Establishing framework for analysing and understanding trends and costs
Data mining and transforming to knowledge.
Delivering solutions based on fact that will improve performance.

FM Products and Services (inc Energy, Waste, Cleaning)
Management and control techniques to minimise waste and provide data to procure smarter.
Benchmarking costs and service standards – minimising waste and reducing costs.
Recommending strategies for procurement and service delivery.

Supplier Selection, Contracts and Management
Product supply strategies optimising geographical coverage, flexibility and cost.
Key performance indicators and performance monitoring – minimal input for maximum return.
Incentivisation, shared objectives and partnering – establishing strategic partnerships and alliances for mutual benefit.
Comprehensive and semi-comprehensive contracting – sharing the risk with certainty on costs.
Effective cost and invoice management – developing systems to reduce administration and divert costs to core services.

Change Management and Migration techniques
Cut-over strategies – how to effectively manage the transition.
Change management – system, process and employee techniques to minimise the impacts of change.
Training and deployment – ensuring that staff are competent and confident in new roles.

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